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Recently I purchased the SpeedLogix rear seat delete kit with the intentions of adding some mods to it. The plan was to inset a LED lit Batman Signal and a set of speakers to the upper board. The upper board was to thin for what I wanted to do so I removed the carpet and used it as a template and cut a new board out of 5/8 inch MDF. I checked the fitment of the board and traced the perimeter of the trunk pass through opening so I would know where to layout the mods.

The center of the board was marked and I cut out the oval for the Batman signal. Next I used a router with a 1/2 inch rabbit bit to remove 1/2 inch deep and a 1/2 inch width of wood around the perimeter of the oval. This gave me an inset shelf to mount the Plexiglas and LED lights. I used a circle jig router attachment and a flush cut bit and to cut out the circles for the speakers. The oval was cut from Plexiglas and fitted to the board.

After the board was sanded, the face was covered with a coat of epoxy that was tinted black. When the epoxy was tacky to the touch but not tacky enough to leave a finger print, the carbon fiber clothe was laid onto the board. The edges of the carbon fiber was wrapped around the edges and taped in place and the first coat of epoxy was applied. In all, 5 coats of epoxy was applied waiting 24 hours and sanding between each coat. Then 4 coats of automotive clear was applied, color sanding between each coat. After the last color sanding, a 3 step buffer polishing was applied.

The back of the Plexiglas was sanded to give it the opaque look when the lights are off and to pick up the light and give a glow when the lights are on. The bat was cut from flat black vinyl and applied to the oval and the oval was glued in place and the LED lights were installed and wired to the controller. The speakers were installed and wired. The speakers were tuned to fill the rear of the but not over power the front speakers.

Here's a link showing how everything turned out and a sampling of what the audio system sounds like. The camera shows the color as being washed out around the perimeter of the oval, but in reality it doesn't look like that when viewed in person.


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