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Cutout specifics

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Good afternoon,

As some of you may be aware with my challenger undergoing surgery to get her back on the road I was thinking of getting her (me) a present when she gets back home. It's been awhile since I've touched any mods, but I think I've decided on some exhaust cutouts for that fun factor awesome sound.

I've gathered that the DMH electric cutouts are solid these days after they went through a rough patch a few years ago. I've been looking at pages upon pages of posts looking for some clarification on some key information. I couldn't find the answers to the questions below.

Do you need dual cutouts or just single? Is the typical positioning just aft of the cat converter?

Is the wiring for the switch fairly easy to run? How about the switch itself?

Is your typical ma and pa exhaust/body shop capable of handling an install? Would an exhaust/body shop be trusted to install the wiring as well? What can I expect the cost of install to be?

I would have no problem trying to do the install myself, just wish I had some decent jacking equipment. Just hoping the price tag of install wouldn't be too outrageous.
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This job should not be that difficult for a muffler shop, i got mine done and the problem is that a shop that does nothing but mufflers will not do the wiring, which is what I have not done to mine as of yet, now for the switch (which I already mounted) it is not that hard to do the hard part is running the wires from the cut outs to the switch and as I understand it, it should be run through/under the console finding the correct route is the key. I'll get to it time permitted. Good luck with your install.

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