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D1 Status - WOOOOOO!!!

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Finally got my D1 Status so my order tracking page is now working!

ETA delivery to dealer is 3 May, even though I was told by my dealer it would be some time in June...

Bit concerned seeing as I won't even be in the US until June!!!
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Congratulations of reaching D1 status! Welcome to club of wanting to habitually check the Insite website in regards to new order updates. Vehicle arrival delays depend on many factors... Some I read or heard about include limited production with bright white inaugural edition SRT8's, stripe overlapping, and manufacturer delivery costs drama with Allied Shipping.
Murphies law pretty much takes the steering wheel when it comes to the delivery ETA's. I hope everything work out so you can be in the US before the delivery arrives. Good luck!! :)
yeah.. i'm probably the only person on here ever to want their ETA to get pushed back!!
LOL!! In my humble opinion... I think you should be fine if you recently hit D1 status on an inaugural edition. From what I have noticed online... non-IE 392's are being released quicker for those who placed an order from the dealership.
oh - mine isnt an IE - I didn't like the colours for that, I needed the bright orange!!
Congrats! Now the real wait begins!
Nice color choice! Bright orange is indeed an awesome color for a 392 Challenger. Like Rangerman said... now the real wait begins... I hope everything works out! :-D
Man... YOu too will be tired of seeing "shipped to storage" and "carrier can put on hold" I would like to break the little fingers that enter that info....LOL
^^^^What firehawk said lol! That alone count for one full page on my insight print out !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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