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I have a question for anybody in the know. I live in New England and ordered my '11 SRT8 Challenger from a dealer way, way, out in the northwest. Why? Because they seem to have the best deal available, no markup over MSRP, and some pull on huge inventory with Dodge. I gave them a nonrefundable deposit.

I spoke to a friend of mine who bought a Corvette ZO6, he lives in Florida but bought his vette from a dealer in Chicago for the same reason. He payed a $150 fee and Chevy simply put his new car on a truck bound for a local dealer near him in Florida, instead of shipping it to the Chicago dealer first, than arranging shipping from there to Florida.

I asked my salesperson and he said Chrysler doesn't do anything like that, but than I found out otherwise. They do and it cost $250. Why send a car from Brampton Ontario all the way out west, and than I pay $2K to ship it all the way back east. My dealer still gets the business, my local dealer gets the $250 and my committment to service, etc. I'm already paying a $810 destination fee as it is.

Has anyone done this before? Thanks.

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