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PERP I am not original owner on the car but when I bought it from original owner he never mentioned putting a tune in it . there were a set of Corsas installed but nothing else as far as I know . also he gave me everything that came with the car including the original exhaust system im pretty sure he would of mentioned it . Am I wrong or is the only way to add a tune to a 392 is with a Diablo tuner which if he used would serve no purpose after it installed in 1 car it's locked to that car so giving it to me with the car would cost him nothing? please let me know if im wrong on this.

If by some chance there was a tune on the car I have to get it back because compared to before the dealers update she fells like a slug.
you could try to sending them an email with your vin.. but the only way you will get that again is by buying tuner from them
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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