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Spark Plugs are significantly longer than 6.1's, eagles, and older 5.7

When trying to use the 6.1 plug, you end up a little short. lol.

Correct spark plug

Springs are taller and no longer use that dampner locator.

6.1 Spring for example purposes

No longer a perfectly round chamber

The underside is very different although everything lines up and matched perfectly.


Intake Port

The intake window is slightly different. The corners are more hard angle at the top and rounded at the bottom

the 6.1 head has rounded corners at all 4 corners

6.1 D-Shaped Exhaust Port

The 6.4 is still consider "D-Shaped", but its very angular

Its crazy how similar the chambers are between the 6.4's and the 6.1's that we hand-formed a couple weeks back.
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