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I put this together for a recent email, so I thought I would share if anyone was interested. :)

Detailing you go!

Below are the links for the products I use. For the Meguiars stuff, Walmart (if you do not mind going there) is way cheaper.

1) Tires-Meguiar's Hot Shine. I used to use a rub on, but this stuff works great. If you want a deep shine, leave it on, if you want more of a matte, spray all 4 tires and then go around and smooth out with a rag. Overspray wipes right off the wheels.

2) Wax-Evershine Wax Evershine World Class Wax-This stuff is the BEST-hands down. Super easy to apply, takes off superficial bug splats and tar as you go. Even takes off spray paint!
Evershine World Class Wax

3) Detail Spray (in lieu of Evershine Detail spray)-Meguiar's 8 bucks at Wally's World.

4) Plastic trim-Stoner Trim Shine. For the sides and around lights, wheel wells,plastic mud flaps, you name it. A TRULY spray and wipe away product. Overspray comes right off paint. 6-7 bucks at the autoparts store, if you buy a case of 12 online, around $3.50. Great to split with someone.
MoreShine | Trim Shine
MoreShine | Home

5) For polishing- A little spendy (25 bucks) but worth it. My wife bought me a spendy Wolfgang kit a year ago, so I am still using it. Honestly, Meguiars would be a fine choice here also, for less.

a)Wolfgang Polish-this year I did use a SUPER slow waxmaster to apply this. The only step I used power. All the rest by hand, and this too if you prefer. Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer is absolutely fabulous for producing that elusive, show-ready wet-shine look. This polish actually enhances and

b) Meguirs Ultimate Polish-

6) Interior-one VERY important thing to remember her. The interior is treated from the factory. If you use leather cleaners, etc., it will make your interior worse. I had someone just tonight ask what I used. I said soap and water. Here are some wipes I use for a quick wipe down of the dash, console, seats, and doors. Inexpensive and quick.

I think that's about it. Here's the order I do things with my car to save time and effort.

After washing or between washing.
1) Clean behind wheels (if you want)
2) Spray all 4 tires with tire shine.
3) Stoner Trim shine all plastic and wheel wells.
4) Evershine or Meguiars Ultimate detail the entire car. Make sure to get overspray off from around tires and trim.
5) Meguiars Ultimate or Evershine detail the wheels.
I have got this down to 30 minutes.

Get ready, set go!!

Let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

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