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I have a 2009 R/T 6M with Mopar CAI and cat back exhaust. I have an inTune i3 and have installed the CAI 91 canned tune. the car runs fine. I did some data logging and with 91 E90 fuel I have zero LT or ST knock. During my logging I did WOT , cruise, stop and go, 1-4 shifts. I even did my first 0-60 run (5.2)

So where I am located, I can not get better than 91 octane fuel. Should I install the CAI 93 tune, see how the car runs and check the knock sensor with logging? In the end, if it does have a spark knock, the computer should adjust for it right?

I am looking for your thoughts on the matter. I do know the way to go is to get a custom e-mail tune or a dyno tune, and in the future I might do that. Right now I just want to maximize what I have.

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