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Diablosport Predator PT #U7135

Diablosport Predator Tuner Model U7135.
Wife gave it to me as a gift, I used it once.
I have since sold the the car So I no longer need it, Thanks to a fellow board member for asking this question as I has no idea this is how the tuner worked, I DID REINSTALL the factory tune way before the car was sold.
Have the original box it came in AND the computer cable and driver disc
Applications are as follows:

2005-2010 5.7L Magnum, Charger & 300C
2006-2010 SRT-8 Magnum, Charger & 300C
2006-2010 SRT-8 Grand Cherokee
2008-2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8
2009-2010 5.7L Dodge Challenger R/T

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