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F/T Diablo Predator U7135

I have a Diablo Predator U7135 that I would like to trade for a Mopar car cover. I received a new Predator with my supercharger so I no longer need this one. I purchased it from someone else on the forum about a year ago and it has their name on the back. It is unmarried and ready to go, see below.

Auto Connect is ENABLED.
Legacy Connect is DISABLED.
A tool was found on COM5 at 115200 baud.
XML RPC commands are AVAILABLE.
XML RPC protocol version is 1.60
Tool type = 'Predator'.
Serial number = '218118747'.
Part number = 'u7135'.
CROM version = 'u7135-9r28 02/23/2011 05:59:15 PM boot3'.
Vehicle VIN = ''.
Vehicle Calibration = ''.
Original backup NOT saved.
Tool is Married FALSE.
Single user tool FALSE.
Using Class2 Protocol FALSE.
Calibration Updates are SUPPORTED.
A Calibration Update is NOT required.
XML RPC WILL be used for FRG transfers.
Tune compression is AUTOMATIC.
Tune compression is set to ENABLED.
Tool registration is NOT supported.
Tool SUPPORTS multiple ECUs.
Tool reports 1 ECUs.
Multi ECU Backups : 0
Marriage VIN :
Tool ID :
Desc :
Multi ECU Tuning : 0

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i sent you a pm
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