I bought this Diablo Sport inTune 3 Platinum Chrysler several years ago to adjust speedometer ratio, look up trouble codes but not actually install any new tune to my 2013 Challenger. Recently modifying the motor and having a tuning/dyno shop update the PCM with their HP Tuner system, they cautioned me to not connect the Diablo, having seen cases of bricking PCMs from conflicting file formats by the two flavors of tuners.

After researching how Diablo Sport tuners marry to specific vehicles, I conclude this is unmarried (see screenshot) since I did not load any custom tunes. I can't say I'm an expert on DIablo tuners, though, so all I can do is provide my experience and let you decide whether the discount from new is worth the risk of something not working right.

I put all the inTune parts (tuner box, OBDII cable, USB cable, paperwork) back in the original box, so you will be getting all I got when I bought it, and in good condition (no scratches, etc). Since I am not planning to use the Diablo tuner again (no other OBDII cars!), I'd like to try to get a little money back to offset other Challenger parts.

The asking price includes shipping to US addresses.