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DiabloSport Now Supports EGS53 Transmission Tuning

DiabloSport is the leader in Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep® tuning. DiabloSprt builds more power, offer more coverage, and better quality products for these late model vehicles than any other company on the market. They know that adding huge power gains requires transmission adjustments to perfect the driving experience. DiabloSport now support EGS53 custom tuning capabilities on our CMR Custom Tuning software. Now you have the ability to equip your vehicle with an even more powerful custom tuning solution.

This new EGS53 transmission tuning coverage announcement applies to their inTune i2/i3 and Trinity 2 product lines equipped with CMR custom tuning capabilities. The Trinity T1000 does not include this coverage at this time. There will be an update coming very soon that will give the Trinity T1000 this capability.

EGS53 CMR Capable Products

All inTune i2 product (except i2050)
​All inTune i3 Platinum products
All inTune i3 PKIT Products
All Trinity 2 Platinum Products
All Trinity 2 PKIT Products

Note: This release adds the ability to tune the EGS53 transmission controller via the CMR Custom Tuning Software only.
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