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Hi All,

Just got my first Challenger, a 2018 SXT+, for some reason the dealers in my area didn't have any vehicles with the Driver's Convenience AND Blacktop+Super TrackPack, so ended up with halogen headlight (HID headlights was the only thing I actually cared for in the convenience package).

I would like to upgrade the headlights (and the fog lights at some point), but I do not want to go for the HID conversion kit, mostly because of the modifications to the headlight housing and a more likely warranty void, and instead go for an LED conversion kit. My thinking is that the LED kit is much easier to roll-back if I have a problem with the warranty

Given how reputable Diode Dynamics is, I am thinking of going for the 9012 SL1 LEDs and the CanBus Anti-Flicker module

That said, there are a couple of questions I have:

1. Has anyone used these? Will they fit in the headlight housing without modifications, along with the canbus module?
2. For some reason the DD website is not listing these bulbs for 2018 Challenger, even though it is a 9012 casing, is this a website quirk?

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