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I just purchased a set of Voxx Hellcat Widebody Replica wheels and Goodyear Tires with assistance from Matt, a supporting vendor @Discount Tire . He is very knowledgeable with our vehicles and what fits best
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. Also, Discount Tire had the best pricing around. Kudos to Discount Tire for being on this forum and helping out. Before and after photos shown.
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No joke I only go to discount tire had my arguments with guys there but overall great experiences for sure. Been going since I was 15 me and my dad first went in there now I’m 37. You can’t beat the $27 or want ever warranty on the tire they just replace them if anything happens and you pay another $27.

Rims I found better deals online but always get tires from them.

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Some people talk trash about kids working at Discount Tire not knowing what they're doing or other hate because its a large chain...but let me tell you my story. First of all, I've almost exclusively gone to Discount Tire for the past 16 years. I've bought wheels, replaced tires, repaired tires, gone in for balancing only, etc.

But recently I got some 17x4.5 Billet Specialties Win Lite skinnies. Right on the wheels it says to only use touchless tire mounting equipment. Problem is, hardly anyone has those. I'm in Dallas, not exactly a small town, and I could only find one shop that had one and it was 2 hours away from me on the other side of town (DFW is pretty big).

So I went to Discount Tire, told them what I got, and they said they could get it done with the regular equipment...and they did. No issues and no damage of any kind.

Then, I got a second set of the same wheels (first ones had the wrong backspacing). This time I was in a rush and went to a locally owned shop in front of my subdivision to get the tires mounted. Same thing, I told them about the whole touchless issue, they said no problem. Got the wheels back, and they had damage from the jaws of the machine on the backside of the wheels.

So 2 sets of identical wheels, Discount Tire mounts them leaving no signs at all, locally owned shop (which by the way is highly rated and their customer service is actually really great), left jaw scrapes on them.

Moral of the story, I'm never risking going to any place other than Discount Tire again.

Oh, and @tjfrombama that furious fuchsia is amazing! I love that color. And the new wheels definitely changes the look.
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