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got real board one day wanted to upgrade my fogs but wanted the factory fit.very expensive for direct fit hid fog i searched ebay and found metal projector housings. for about $20 then searched for h-3 HID bulb kit (cause thats what the projectors took) that cost about $15. i cut out the back of my OEM fog lights and epoxied in the metal projector housings and sealed it up good in the rear. (projectors with h-3 bubs dont seal well on back of housing used rtv to seal bulbs in. installed back in plenty of room. well they have been on there and operational for about 5 years with no issues and thay really through good light. as you guys know you CANT just put hid bulbs in the fogs or headlights very illegal .it scatters the light way to much and blinds on coming traffic sure you have seen this. that is why you need projector housings they focus the light beam on the road.
thanks for reading.


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