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do the Brembo calipers rust?

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i washed my car for the first time today (100 miles) and noticed one of my Brembo Calipers had a chip on it

do the calipers rust?

if the paint falls off im repainting them DWB

anyone else noticing chipping? ive driven this car 3x now..suprised to see paint falling off anything
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Looks like something dinged the paint. I've driven my SRT nearly every day for almost a year and don't have a single blemish on the Brembos. I see them up close weekly, as I clean off the brake dust from both the calipers and the inner part of the wheels - mine look pristine, and the paint seems like its pretty high quality and wouldn't flake or chip on its own. I've not seen any calipers (on any modern car) rust.
Mine are good, surprised how quick the rotors seem to rust though.
Bolt heads get chipped by installing, banging with the wheel when installing or maybe even rocks - check the clearance between the wheel and bolt head it is pretty close.

When I remove/install the wheels, I put some tape over the bolt heads just in case.

I had a chip like that and touched it up with Viper red and it is still OK over a year later.

Another member said that a Testors model paint red was a perfect match but I have not tried any yet.
i will touch it up asap!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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