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Do you guys notice a lot drag at coasting?

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I recently tried a 2011 SE and it doesn't seem to drag as much when i take my foot off the acceleration. All the other cars I drive have really nice coasting (91 lexus rx300, 92 buick le sabre, 69 dart). But the tranny seems to be in a slightly lower gear than optimal. Its not 100% of the time, but most of the time. If I shift to N, then it feels more normal, especially more noticeable when going downhill.

I hear in the charger forums of how easy chargers are to coast so I'm wondering if its my car or what. I also have diablo with 91 tune and slight more aggressive shifts, but I noticed it even before the predator. Any insights would help a bunch!
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try setting the shift firmness back to stock. that's one of the shortcomings of the diablo tune, imo
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