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Do you really need to "touch" the handles?

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The reason I ask is that something weird happened to me twice. Both times I was coming out of a convenience store. As I get to within about three feet of my car, the doors unlocked. I saw the locks move, so I didn't just forget to lock it.
Anyone else have this happen?
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There is a thread in the 6.4l section about early build 2011's having faulty door handles due to a design flaw that makes the sensors corrode. I guess dodge has already fixed this issue and one guy already got his handle replaced for free, you should take the car to the dealer and have them look at it.

It is nice being able to leave my keys in my pocket, although I sometimes feel a little dirty when im basically fingering the underside of my handle to get it to open cuz the sensors dont always work at first :browsmiley::smokin:
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