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Which transmission fluid is the best?

  • Pentosin ATF6 (ZF Fluid)

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  • LiquiMoly ATF TopTec 1200

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  • Pentosin ATF44

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Automatic ZF transmissions are filled with our specially developed ZF-LifeguardFluid transmission oil. At very high operating temperatures, oil ages faster than under normal conditions. Depending on driving style (e.g. sporty driving or lots of high-speed drives), ZF Aftermarket therefore recommends a transmission oil change every 100,000 km or after 8 years at the latest.

They have changed the attached documents several times. Older showing

Depending on the driving style, ZF recommends a transmission oil change every 80,000 to
120,000 km or after eight years at the latest.

Latest showing none of the above ;)

Methinks some lawyers were having chats, lol. As I have a lifetime warranty as well as supposed lifetime fluid, all is copacetic

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