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:ROFLMAO: Now thats funny there. Unless of course you own one of the said British sports cars.

I've owned a few - and still have a Caterham Seven in the garage, Being in England helps with buying them :) They've not been too bad - there used to be Ebay listings in the USA when I was working over there for cans of Lucas smoke to replace the smoke that escaped from the wiring systems of old British cars :)

In England, Italian cars have the same bad electrics reputation - I've owned numerous Lancia Betas and only one had issues - corrosion on the fuse book terminals - the headlights would randomly turn off. Unplugging and reconnecting every terminal sorted that. A couple of Alfas have been fine - theres a 159 V6 Q4 sat outside now alongside the Challenger. I was amused to see the door puddle lights in the Challenger were identical to the ones in the Alfa - and in fact said Fiat Alfa Lancia on them. And I've owned two Lancia integrales - and still have one, an Evo1 - and the only issues I've had have been one bad earth cable connection and one blown bulb in 25 yrs of ownership of integrales - or forgetting to reconnect something I disconnected :)

So someone somewhere is getting all the bad problems - just glad it's not me.

the Challenger doesn't seem to like the UK weather though - its rather warm and fine at the moment, but in the nearly 2 years since I brought my 16 Challenger home from Texas, silly things like the screws holding the door hinges to the A-pillar are rusting. Previously immaculate suspension is looking a little rusty. I did have to underseal and underbody wax it - I was alittle concerned at the lack of protection underneath and all the ledges and crevices just perfect for holding damp road dirt - after 25 yrs of Lancia integrale ownership (Lancia also have a rust reputation in the UK - which is no worse than any other car of the same era, but . . ) I like to think I know a bit about keeping cars protected in our damp climate.
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