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Dodge : Challenger SRT8 09 Dodge Challenger SRT8 6.1 Hemi - custom CUDA tribute -PistolGrip,ShakerHood



*2009 Dodge Challenger it seems..... I bought a gorgeous 09 SRT8 Challenger from Dallas TX almost 3 years ago from a Porsche dealership of all places.* Previous adult owner loved a wide array of toys and traded the SRT8 in on a new Porsche for his wife.* His loss, my BIG gain.* It was meticulously maintained and was actually a daily driver - the worst it ever saw was Dallas dust.* I flew down to TX and within minutes was driving a dream back to OH. Challengers were popping up everywhere...which was a very good sight to see, but the craze to make the Challenger your own was ON!* I had a personal goal of getting my dream car of a 70 HemiCuda in Sublime green with a PistolGrip (5)spd Tremec by the time I reached 50 years of age.* I saw my dream dwindle as I lost my job and began slow self-employment.* However, I did well enough to buy my SRT8!* I wasn't about to change it to Sublime green, but started to customize one Stealth-looking beauty of a Challenger.* I got the crazy idea of making my own HemiCuda tribute (on a non-sponsored/TV/tycoon budget, that is).* I think I have come out on the other side with a true #1 of 001.* Never had a negative comment about anything I've done to it to make it tribute/honor/emulate a HemiCuda.* A few 70 touches, a few 71 touches.* If by chance,you DONT like what you see, please refrain from telling me - keep negative commentsto yourself. * And here it is......... There is too much to list and I will be typical in saying I really don't want to sell my baby, but everything has it's price.* Let's see if someone wants to purchase my dream. A quick rundown:** Lowered 1.5" from stock, Eibach Springs, Hotchkis Suspension, Bilstein shocks, Corsa exhaust, MSD ignition. Cosmetically:* custom 'AAR'-style strobe stripe in matte black, de-badged ramheads & challenger with either 'M' mopar or authentic 'cuda'emblems (from things I collected for my 70 dream), Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter with carbon fiber sleeves, functional Shaker Hood assembly & fiberglass hood w/'original' hemicuda emblems from a real 70 shaker, 71-style grille insert, brushed headlight bezels, aesthetic hoodpins, custom polished HEMI embossed coil cover/'valve' covers, custom-made 'nascar-style' rear spoiler (only element I may change - but everyone has the AAR or go-wing spoiler now even on their SE and SXT Challenger)....I do have the original SRT8 spoiler and emblem to put backon if preferred, 70-style fish gille rocker moudlings, and the best addition so far - a set of Custom RT-S Weld Racing wheels made specifically for my car with my specs of backspacing/offset.* Rears are 20x9, fronts are 18x8.* These wheels co$t more a piece than most wheels cost per set.* Tires are Dunlop Sport Maxx 275/50/20 rears & 235/50/18 fronts.* I have recently added custom-made Raised White Letters to the tires - some photos show my* previous set of lettering, but the current (larger font) set is very high-quality and look great!!*** Engine compartment has also been signed by SRT president and 'rock-star' Ralph Gilles from the Moparpalooza gathering in Chantilly, VA on 5-20-12.* There is too much else to list....... Body is near MINT.* To the naked eye, it is showroom new.* To the perfectionist, there are 2 'shadow' dings on the roof.* Paint is spectacular. Interior still smells brand NEW and is 100% perfect - leather perfect,suede perfect,dash/panels perfect, carpet perfect. This car has been very well taken care of from day one,from previous owner to myself.* I am in my mid-40s and I don't 'beat' my vehicles or thrash it while being coaxed by a bunch of guys in ballcaps, jeans & flannels hoot and holler with beers in their hands.* Gotta love the 'crowds''s not their money if something breaks or have to drop $2k on tires. I would prefer to sell OVERSEAS.....why?* Because I will have great remorse and depression if* there is a chance I will see my baby again.* I will work with exporters and transporters and for the right buyer may consider personal delivery. My goal in selling this?.....I need to tap into some equity in something - this is pretty much all I have left.* Do I need alot or do I have bookies coming after me for $100k?* No.* I would like to pull $10,000 out of this sale and take the balance and build this car all over again!!!* It may take me another 2-3 years, but I want the same exact car again.* Not selling because I am bored.* I need some cash, and I need to do this again - it has been a BLAST doing it!!!** In fact, if someone has a Challenger or wants to buy a Challenger, and wants to contract me to customize theirs with some upfront cash - I would be over the moon to do so! Feel free to visit a small taste of things on my Facebook page, look up: RevUnlimited.* There are also plenty of photos of my HemiCuda SRT on there as well! I welcome emails from serious buyers only.* I can add a Buy It Now for the right offer. * And for anyone interested in partnering on their Challenger, get in touch with me on Facebook. Let's see where this goes........ This would be an As-Is sale, no warranty expressed or implied or available.* Please have funds ready to purchase, I have the right to cancel bids, end the auction or sell locally at any time.* Feel free to make a Buy-It-Now offer if you really don't want to miss out here.* Email me. On Jan-02-14 at 09:15:20 PST, seller added the following information: Does have the Navigation, Bluetooth & the gB Hard Drive! On Jan-02-14 at 14:05:09 PST, seller added the following information: By the way, my eBay ID shows zero feedback, but that is simply because I ran out of listings under my other eBay ID, so I just started this ID. * Feel free to check out : revunlimited09 - I have very high and 100% feedback. *Thanks. On Jan-03-14 at 07:39:28 PST, seller added the following information: Thank you for all the mostly great comments and accolades......I say 'mostly' because of the few apples in the bunch that have to tell me what is wrong, what they would do or the most common one when I don't accept a lowball offer - 'what are you trying to sell it in the dead of winter for then?!'.* My simple response is to look around...there is not much at all for sale, and do you ever really stop being a car enthusiast 'cuz it's cold out?* Everyone in the snow belt and NE/MW who has to put their car away for the winter understands that.* What better time to look ahead and look on the internet for that Spring and Summer debut car.* If you pay particular attention as well, I would rather build this car again for either myself or someone else.* I enjoyed the heck out of doing something more to this car all the time.....and MOSTLY during the cold months when it was put away.* So,my 'opinion' is that the cold and snowy season is the perfect time to buy and customize cars.* Warm months are the 'enjoy your purchase/work' months.* And, the whole country as well as other countries are not all knee-deep in snow.* I fully see this car going overseas to someone who just has to have such a unique piece in their land.* So, there may be thousands of 'non-buyers' cuz it's cold, but it only takes ONE person to buy it.* If it doesn't sell for what I think it's worth, it won't hurt my feelings one bit.* A car is only worth what someone will pay for it (that's for all you lowballers and haters), but think about this - a car is also worth what a person is only willing to sell it for.* Food for thought.* It will only take one 'buyer' to agree with me on it's value and it will find a new home, and I will get to build another one!* Until then - thank you to the complimenters and onlookers.* Negative comments and nay-sayers - enjoy your ride, I wouldn't put yours down if you liked it.* Sorry, had to be said to the very select FEW.* On Jan-03-14 at 22:03:03 PST, seller added the following information: This is a HUGE maybe, but I MAY* consider a partial trade for a 70-74 Cuda, 70 Satellite or a 70 Fury.** I would also be interested in buying those cars outright as well.* Let me know if you have any of those Plymouths to pass along to a new owner. On Jan-06-14 at 23:07:52 PST, seller added the following information: *Yes,this SRT8 is equipped with the* myGig 30gB Hard Drive,UConnect Media center with DVD drive, USB port, aux cable input, iPod dock in center console, Sirius Satellite ready, 13 upgraded Speakers with* trunk-mounted 200W* Kicker subwoofer .* Audio System itself has a 322W amplifier. It also has the RCD (Reconfigurable Display) within the gauge cluster under Performance Features which include:* measuring your own 1/4 mi times, 0-60 sec times, G-Force measurements, 60 to zero braking & more! The ONLY thing this SRT8 does not have is the Power Moonroof - which in my opinion doesn't go or doesn't need to be on a 'muscle car' - and this SRT8 is all muscle with alot of modern conveniences, but solid roof for full rigidity. Countless hours and design ideas into this one folks - and alot of money was invested - as the saying goes, you can't build this for what I would sell it for.* What I would sell it for is a strong number, because it's worth it....and it's less than I have in it - as well as zero labor costs as I did all the work myself - so with that said, it really would be way lower than what it cost to build if I had someone else do it or paid myself to do it.* I am receiving more and more complimentary emails - thank you all!* I am glad you like my #1 of 001 ! Bid your best number, because and don't wait to bid........ On Jan-07-14 at 13:24:45 PST, seller added the following information: Don't wait to bid - I have a range I am looking for and bidding right now is at that of a stock the math. Keep in mind, I reserve the right to end the auction early On Jan-07-14 at 13:32:02 PST, seller added the following information: ADULT-owned....NEVER beaten or raced or abused.* It was a clean and dry commuter car for a 53-yr old gentleman before I bought it.* I am in my mid-40's and I take care of my vehicles - the car has power, no hiding that fact - but think about this:* it looks faster, meaner & angrier* than the way it's owners have actually driven it.* It's a show car, garage beauty and a cruiser.....with the HP to back up the look as well as pass the guy doing 29mph in the left lane with avengance.

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