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We'll being Challenger-less at the moment. I have been considering moving up to a 392, so I went by a local dealer - Dodge of Ontario, CA looking for the R/T ScatPack that shows in their online inventory. The sales man couldn't find it and then finally figured out that it is en-route. So I asked to drive one of the other 392 (T/A 392). I was told that none of the 6.4L can be test driven. Seriously...

The only thing that made this visit to them sadder was that they have 2 of the limited editions 392 and one of them has a big old welt right in the front middle of the hood. I seriously don't know how they think their going to sell this car for the $58k they want for it.

So, I said thanks, but I would never buy a car from you without test driving it is what I told the manager while walking out the door.

but, I did later in the day go by Browning Dodge (Norco, CA) and they had an R/T ScatPack. :surprise: Wow, it's such a different but yet still the same car as my SXT Plus. Looking forward to when the 392 B5's come out later this year.
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