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Good Evening,
So on March 19th after leaving work I was headed home on my usual 40 mile trip. I have a 2012 Dodge Challenger r/t classic. I purchased this vehicle used, with only 40g miles back in July of 2017.
After leaving the on ramp at 90mph, I slowed to 80mph and set the cruise control, and after 5 to 10 seconds of cruising, the car died.
Of course after towing to a local shop and diagnosis it is revealed to be the timing chain failure. What most concerns me is the customer service that I have received from the Hometown Dealership Tri-City Chrystler Dodge Kia in Eden NC, who had done all the work to my vehicle since its purchase. When I had it towed to the dealership, i went to service and explained to situation and simply wanted a diagnoses, estimated cost, and any repair information that Dodge might be interested in sharing. The employee assured me she would handle it and give me a phone call. To this point, I patiently waited several days before I started calling and leaving messages for service to call me. After 9 full days on the lot, with no response, finally a call came in. Of course this was after a representative from Chrystler called me. I had reached out thru email Requesting additional information about the issue.
It seems that the Tow service thru an act of neglect started the car while on the rollback and started an engine fire. I was shown the engine, and I could not see any damage, although in this case anything could be damaged.
At this point the Dealership has requested an inspector from Chrystler look at the vehicle before it is serviced, to remove any liability. All completely understandable. When the service manager for the Dealership does finally call he only gives multiple excuses as to why my vehicle sits in the lot for more than 9 days without any calls or follow-up only to say it was "lost in the shuffle." Today makes 19 days my vehicle has been at a Dealership.
The representative from chrystler has agreed to pay for a rental vehicle for which he has given the responsibility of arranging to the service manager at the Dealership. 2 days have passed and no response from this fella. I called again and left messages, but still no replies. Im trying to understand why the service department has lost all respect for the customer, I just want information, reasonable explinations, not excuses, and my vehicle fixed.
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