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if anyone is following this, I figured I'd update.

The valve body seems to have fixed the 1-2 flare shifts, but nothing else. The dealership wanted me to put a few hundred miles on the car to show it wasn't learning to drive better, but it hasn't. It is still slipping and "neutral dropping" into first and second when it wants to. It is also still doing the "double cough" shift thing when it track mode, and shifting from 2-3. It is also doing some pretty hard, clunky downshifts. One was so hard the other day, it did a compression squeal on the rear tires. I used to do that in my 70 Dart when I would manually downshift the 727 back in the day, but I didn't expect the Challenger to do it on it's own while decelerating while coming up to a stop light.

So, I have appointment #5 at the dealership to see if they can figure out what is going on. Yay.
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