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Does my 2010 Rt Classic w/ Track Pack have different Exhaust than Regular RT??

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Just got my 2010 Rt classic w/ Track Pack. I had test drove a regular rt w/out track pack and was really disappointed in how quiet the car was, u could barely hear it running. so i already started saving to get a new exhaust. Well, i had just got my car delivered the other day which had track pack and started it up and WOW, it sounded awesome. sounded like it already had aftermarket exhaust on it. whats the deal?? i read on here that Track Pack cars have resonators instead of Mufflers or somthing like that?
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Guess you haven't heard mine as it does not sound like a SE

i know that mine sounds TOTALLY different than any rt that i have started at the lot. like i said the ones i have heard are as quiet as a v6
or just take them out and replace with Blastin Bobs pipes. Sounds the bomb.
If you use cruise alot the drone may be there, but I am WOT most of the time so drone not a noticeable thing

Have the Blastin Bob's on mine, love the sound, but does seem to have an annoying drone starting around 2K RPMs. Do you notice that on yours or is it just me?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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