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Doom & Gloom - More Possible Delivery Delays

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For those of us, myself included, waiting on a car to be built, things don't look good for us.

With the previously announced shipping delays due to the dispute with the shipping company Chrysler uses, we now have this. It wasn't unexpected really. But it is frustrating and will likely add to our wait. :(

Toyota tells U.S. plants 'prepare to shut down' - Mar. 23, 2011

But Toyota's plans signal that this parts issue could be just the beginning of an industry-wide problem.

"All automakers are just now figuring out who supplies every little part." Said senior analyst Michelle Krebs. "The shortage of any one could shut down an assembly line. Toyota isn't the only one vulnerable; virtually all major automakers have some risks."
Anyone have any insight if this will affect Chrysler's parts availabilty for Challengers. And if so, which parts?

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did any of you read the IE thread?

nearly 1/2 of the orders were canceled and we all just went out and bought our cars....if you order a car from Dodge you are last on the list.....mine sat for 2 months in a parking lot in MI

id never order a car from Dodge again....soon the GWE's will arrive at a dealership near you......while yours sits in a parking lot in Canada...

i recommend just going out and buying a new 392 today..find one close to your options

mine finally did show up and the seats were loose..i dumped my order and drive to another State and drove another one home 4 hours later....and got a better price too
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