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Anyone have any insight if this will affect Chrysler's parts availabilty for Challengers. And if so, which parts?
The biggest problem the auto companies are having is getting the parts for electronic devices and/or the completed components. The "just in time" logistics systems most everyone uses now is biting them in the ass. Several major electronic suppliers in Japan had semiconductor plants that were shut down by the earthquake/tsunami. And those companies that are still producing are having trouble getting parts out of Japan because of the internal transportation problems there. This disruption in the flow of parts is affecting companies at all tiers of the manufacturing process in numerous countries.

I'm keeping a pretty close eye on this because of a work project I'm involved with. I know GM's already shut down some plants making less popular models to conserve parts for the better selling models. So far I haven't heard of Chrysler shutting down any factories or having any parts problems, but if it comes down to using the parts they have on hand to build a 300, a Charger or a Challenger, do I need to tell you which one would be at the bottom of that food chain due to lower sales?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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