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yeah this blows.....mine was built the 21st and was SUPPOSED to be at the dealer today according to insight, but that was almost a week ago....nothing has been updated since the 21st and only information has been getting removed from the order tracking site....i called dodge and they have no recent news either about where my car is or what the hold up is since the 21st....luckily it has been built and painted, redline 3, and is sitting in the yard to ship so obviously its the dumb trucking that holding this up and that blows.....with the nice weather FINALLY showing up, i want my car....hopefully we will get some info on these problems in the near future instead of them refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem which like everyone else has said, is unacceptable for a company of this size and such.....
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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