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Driver door sounds

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I have a 2019 rt Challenger with 18k miles on it. When I close my driver side door with the ac on my window makes a vaccum/wind sucking noise it’s very strange almost as if it trying to get all the air out the door. Anyone else had this problem before
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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) Yes, mine does also. Remember, the window has dropped a bit and then closed automatically, so you hear that sound just as it's closing. You can recreate it if you are able to open the window just a hair, but it's hard to do such a small opening. It's normal

Next time you wash it, soap up the drivers window near the mirror while the car is running and vent or AC on, your car may also "blow bubbles" in that area, same on the passenger side

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This happens if the door doesn't fully close all the time.
EDIT: Simultaneous post with ^
What he said if temporary (less than a second), what I said if it continues.
EDIT X 2: Wife says "what is that sound", I say "you didn't close your door, again"
A way to stop that from happening is crack the sunroof or a window before closing the door.
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