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I thought I'd post this here in case anyone searches for a resonator delete. I came across this post a couple of days ago and decided to give it a go:

TL;DR of the concept:
Stock suitcase resonators of older 5.7 and V6 trims have two chambers, drilling a 45 degree hole through the exit pipe in the 1st chamber lets some of the sound bypass the 2nd tuning chamber and goes straight out for lovely V8 noises. Plug external hole with steel plug and high temp silicone.


Red - Exit pipe | Yellow - Normal flow | Orange - Modded bypass flow

I'm actually pretty damn happy with the results. There is absolutely no drone at all and the exhaust note is much bassier/deeper compred to my mid muffler swap. (With bottle style resonators) I'm sure it's not as loud as a straight through resonator or pipe but it's loud enough for me.

Cold start:
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