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Just wanted to give some feedback on a tuner here in Roseville Ca. Force Fed Performance
First off here is the mods on the car
2009 6.1 SRT 6 speed 3.92 Getrag trackpack
Mopar Long Ram Fender CAI
180 degree thermostat
Modern Muscle 85 mm Ported throttle Body
SLP 25% underdrive pulley
B.T. Catch Can
Diablo 91 Canned Tune

Base run was 365.1 RWHP on the DynoJet ( I was disappointed with the Diablo Tune )

By Run Number 4 the Tech had adjusted my Air/Fuel Ratio and adjusted the timing plus some other tweaks. I was very pleased with the final number of 392.4 RWHP

The only down side was the cost...$450.00 however the tech spent almost a full three hours on the car and did not want to stop until he had it at it's max potential.
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