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Bought my SRT8 used. Prior owner had replaced the mufflers with flowmasters and cut off the resonators. I have an auto trans and the drove while at cruising was really bad. I thought about added a resonator or a j-pipe but the job done before was pretty hacked up. So I've been looking to just replace all of it.

Came across this listing on ebay:
So it says only 08-10 models but it's the same as this: just without the exhaust tips. Check the instructions and the numbers in the ebay listing. They match

Looks like the seller has raised the price since I bought. He accepted my offer $155 plus the $95 shipping for a $250 total. It fit my 2012 SRT8 fine. The tips didn't just bolt on though. I had to cut a small section off the old pipe and use it with the original clamp. It was that or weld it on. Which I didn't want to do as I might change them out later. Anyway it is a bit quieter, but still loud when you get on it and for $250 I can change up the mufflers later if I want something different.
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