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All I had EBC Redstuff on my E55 AMG and they worked great!

In case you don't believe me check it:

I'll be putting them on my car very soon. Here's the trick with them; They will squeak when new but you have to bed them. I found a long empty road and did the following:

1. 0-60MPH and right at 60MPH, hit the breaks hard all the way down to 0.
2. 0-40MPH same as above be sure it hit the brakes hard
3. 0-30MPH same as above.
4. By now you will smell them so drive around for 10 minutes, trying not to use the brakes and let them cool.
5. Go park your car and drive it the next morning.
6. All Squeaks will be gone. :)

Basically what this does when they're new is beds the pad to the rotor and gets rid of all the impurities with the new pad. After I did this they never squeaked again. :D

And again they do work, check the video. :)

Hope this helps!

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