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Bought a 2014 PCP SRT Core from Mike Ferguson at Ed Tomko in Avon Lake, OH. Thought he was great. Very professional. Price was already discounted fairly so executing the deal was very straight forward. Being an out-of-state purchase I asked for pictures and within two hours I had good detailed photos from all around the car and inside. Everything was handled over the phone and through mail quickly and efficiently. Requests for faxed paperwork several weeks after the sale were fulfilled within minutes. I would not hesitate to go back to Mike for another purchase. Very satisfied.

Maybe if Barreth of Washington MO, Columbiana of Columbiana OH, Hanover of Hanover PA, Boniface-Heirs of Merritt Island FL, or Franklin of Franklin TN had made any effort whatsoever to get off their brains and send a few pictures as requested they might have sold me one of their Cores instead.

Special acknowledgement goes to Randy Kimble of Columbiana who made the shrewd decision to tell me to make an offer on the car first before answering any of my questions or providing current pictures of the car to make sure I wasn't going to "low ball" him. Sales technique #37: Insult the customer. Works every time.
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