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If you flip cars every 2 years, you should buy used (1-2 year old cars).

Leasing limits your mileage, and you are paying all the depreciation on a new car anyway. If you didn't, the dealers would lose money on every lease returned. I sold cars for a living for many many years, and never got the draw of leasing from an economic point. Usually there is less money down, and I suppose less risk since you know your buyout to start with, but at the end of two years, you have no car, and no equity to work with (so no trade in value). To each his own though.

Price sounds fair to me. With the deals out there are new 2010's, a dealer is going to have a hard time getting $30k for your car, no matter how nice or low the mileage...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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