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Well, I'll never buy new again.... or at least anytime soon.

I'm sticking with a couple to a few years old with low miles. Hence, the leasing thing is not able to happen.

You can't go wrong with buying the 'right vehicle' optioned well with low miles. Challenger even.

A 2008 SRT8 would probably be a steal these days... I just didn't think that one through.
Trading in every 2 years will kill you in the end. I try to go at least 3, and usually 4 years. Between 3-4 years the depreciation starts to level off and not be so bad. But the first 2 years are the worse. I won't even admit how much money I lost trading in my 05 GTO 2 years after getting it.

Its also relative to the total cost. Losing 50% on a car that cost $20 -30K is 1 thing, but losing 50% on a $40-50K car, that just seems like a whole lot worse (maybe because it is)!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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