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Eibach Pro-Alignment Kit

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I have a 2012 SRT YJ, with Mopar lowering springs and front/rear strut braces. I have 21100 total miles and with that about 10K miles clocked with the lowering springs in service. My car is a DD. And I also run the Goodyear F1's, staggered. Front tires, ok...Rear tires...not so ok. The rears have worn quite a bit on the outside...inside, not so bad given the mileage and duty. The outside tread is riding on the wear indicators. Inside tread, not so much, probably 2 or 3/32's left on the in-board sides. I'll post up some pics in a bit showing the rear tire wear patterns.

But, it seems I need a smidge of negative camber to even out the rear tire wear patterns. So, I ordered a set of Eibach rear camber bushings for the rear control arms, part number 5.66050K.

Anybody else in CT world install these bushes? How do they hold up, durability wise, daily driver duty cycle? Any issues at all with these, besides once they are pressed into the control arms, rear camber adjustability is nada....
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I've been going through all of this over the last couple of weeks. I don't understand how the OP has outside tire wear after lowering his car. When lowering these cars, they gain negative camber. That has to be from toe alignment.

I put Eibach Pro springs on my car when it was brand new, and had it aligned. The springs have definitely settled since then, because I can't get a jack under my car as easily as I was able to. It has 25,000 miles now and the tires still looked new, but the insides were worn to the cores. I bought new tires yesterday, and this is what I'm going with to fix my alignment issues for good.


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