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Eibach Sport-System-Plus vs Eibach Sport-Plus

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im thinking about a new suspension for the SRT

Challenger Eibach Sport-Plus -


Challenger Eibach Sport-System-Plus -

has anyone tried any of the systems..... im leaning twords the sport system plus :bigthumb:
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*bumb* question some systems say they will not work with a 2008 challenger srt8, isnt the body styles the same for the challenger up untill the new 392 suspension wise.....

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I had the Pro System Plus installed at Arrington's on my SRT8. Dropped the front about 1.5" and the rear about .75". Has a nice rake to it. Handling difference is night and day, I think it actually rides better than the stock suspension. I'm glad I didn't have the Sport System installed because the front will probably be low enough where you'll have to sweat the spoiler clearance everywhere you go. I had a Vette like that and it was a pain. I would definitely go with the Plus system though.
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