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I have done some reading and searches on the forums for electrical problems but really never see answers to why they have happened. He is what I am expierencing currently.

I have a 2010 Dodge R/T 6 speed.
Key Fob not recoinized
Fuse 17 Cluster blowing
Trunk not opening (FOB or Dash)
Cluster instrumentation lights not working (emergency brake, turn signals, high beam indicator etc etc)
FOB not opening door looks

Ok, my car is at the dealer, and by no means am I bashing my dealer/tech service. They have been very good to me keeping me informed on whats going on and next steps. Heres what they have done/discovered:

Pinched wired on vanity mirror, caused wiring harness melt down
Replaced headliner twice
Replaced cluster 3 times

Now, when car is started, key fobs work, when car is shut off, fobs dont work.
Cluster sometimes work, sometimes dont work
No answer yet if fuse #17 still blowing.

Now, they have said they have a ticket open with the star program, which is my understanding that they are working with Dodge/Chysler, which is good.

Dropped car off on April 7th, today is April 30th and kinda at the same place. Has anybody run into this issue and what was the fix for you guys. I have no after market electrical parts. Have a Borla Atak and a Cold Air Intake. thats it.

Any Help will be appreciated! Thanks

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That definitely sounds like a pain in the arse to have to deal with. It doesn't sound like anything inherent to the LX platform, that I've read/heard about anyway, so maybe it's a case of a bad build on the factory's part.

I know that's not much comfort to you since you are the one having to endure it though. If you have to take it back to the dealership for more warranty work of the same ilk after this, you may look into the Lemon Law specifics of your particular state.

Some states are easier than others to qualify for that, and any more aggravation like that should definitely satisfy at least some of the rules for getting compensated.

I hope you get it all figured out and resolved to your satisfaction.

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