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Look for part numbers on accessories which could be used to deduce engine, e.g. exhaust manifolds.

It will be something like 5175065AD

That’s the part number for a brake caliper bracket, so it is obviously going to be different. But the format is like that - 7 or 8 digits followed by 2 letters.

Plug the part number into your search engine of choice and it should tell you what engine it would have come on.

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Here's the VIN stamp on a 2015 Hellcat engine, lower left driver side.


The 9 is the engine code, the F is the year, H is Brampton and the numbers are the last 6 of the VIN.

So using this format, the first character on the engine stamp would a W for the 6.1L engine, the 6.4L would be a J.

Model year codes:
8: 2008
9: 2009
A: 2010
B: 2011
C: 2012
D: 2013
E: 2014
F: 2015
G: 2016
H: 2017
J: 2018
K: 2019

So see if you can find the stamp on that engine, good luck.

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