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Does Dodge care about their brand and customer service?

I bought a 2014 Challenger RT in January of 2015. And, as much as I loved the car, it has become a challenge in itself.

I will forgo the details of the dealership that I agreed to a price with, then they changed it on me when I flew into another state for purchase.

I will skip the story of how the local dealership chipped my driver side door when changing the oil at 800 miles.

I have always taken the car to the dealership for oil changes and maintenance…but last year the car developed an issue that Dodge has not managed to fix after almost a year of trying.

- in September of 2017, the check engine light came on.
- the car was still under warranty at the time: under 3 years & 12,494 miles

- I have taken the car back to two different dealerships for a total of 6 times
- September 2017
- October 2017
- November 2017
- December 2017 (they kept it for a month and a half)
— said they were going to open a Star Case but FCA confirmed they never did
— they replaced the O2 censors
— put the exhaust tips on crooked
— but the check engine light remains

Each time I got the car, the engine light came on within 200 miles of driving.
I believe the first dealership only reset the codes… never fixing the issue.

When I got the car back in February of 2018 and the light was still on. The 3/30,000 warranty had expired but they still had not fixed the engine light issue from September. At this point I had gone through 3 case managers with FCA and they wanted to close the case. But I pushed back saying they still needed to fix the original problem with the car.

In March, a new case manager suggested I take the car to another dealership, which was 45 minutes away - but I had to wait until April for availabilty … but it was May before they could work it in.

Finally the dealership was able to take the car in. After review, they replaced the entire cat-back exhaust.

The tech had reworked all the exhaust connections and said he fixed any possible leaks.
But, when I picked up the car, it only made it 11 miles before the light came on again.
- the car only had 14,600 miles on it.

I called FCA and the new dealership… they said they would send a special traveling technician from
Chrysler to look at the car. So I took it in a 6th time (45 minute drive each way).

The tech looked at the car… said the only thing he could find was a wire that might have needed to be reconnected and grounded properly - which he did and drove it about 170 miles. After two days with the car, he called and said the car was fixed.

I went to pick it up at the dealership and the engine light came on when I started it - still in the dealership parking lot.

After calling FCA, their only suggestion is to take it in another (7th time) to have the same traveling tech look at it another time.

Again…a third time to a dealership that is 45 minutes away. This takes time from work and is a consistent frustration when you pick up the car that is ‘fixed’ only to have the light come on again.

While the current tech and service manager have been kind, six trips to two different dealerships proves that they cannot find the issue with this car.

Clearly, I am extremely frustrated with the way Dodge has handled my car and my case.

I am writing to those of you on the forum to see if you have experienced such an issue and the kind of customer service from Dodge. Also, I am wondering what further options I have regarding this vehicle. FCA only says take it to dealership again or arbitration by a third party.

I was once a proud owner of a Challenger - everyone knew about my beautiful car and saw how much I loved the car. I was a brand ambassador telling people how great the car was - always pointing out other challengers to people.

But now, I am over it. The car has become a joke among my friends - asking if “it’s still in the shop”… or “there is always something wrong with it.”

I now question the quality of their vehicles, but more importantly their commitment to their brand and customer satisfaction.

6 times to a dealership and they cannot get it fixed… with a garage kept, new car under 15,000 miles.

I am self employed, and if I treated my customers this way… or was unable to fix an issue after six times, I would be out of a job.
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