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Engine Oil Temp/Operating temp..

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The trinity should be at my place Monday. So today I popped in the Jet 180 stay so it would be ready to go.....but
I'm driving around today and noticed the car is not getting over about 195 degrees. Engine oil temp was around 190-192. I figure since I was moving it was keeping it cooler.
So I stopped In a parking lot and let the car idle for 10+ mins and the engine oil temp never went past 195...
The fans kept cycling on and off.
The car definitely had the stock 203 stat evidenced by the temps yesterday. On hot days it was normal to see 210-220 in the engine oil temp and 215-220 operating temp.
I just got the car about a month ago and I'm really hoping there isn't any tuning/fan temp changes currently in it???
I have no way to put the stock tune back if there is.
Should I be worried??

Runs great but wtf. Yesterday my engine oil temp was 210-220 depending. It's 80 and a bit muggy today in Chicago. Same yesterday.

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Thanks for the reply.
I'm not worried about the temps at all.
My only concern is if there is already some tuning in the car.
I popped the 180 stat in only cause I have the trinity coming.
A 180 stat alone does nothing if you can't program the fans. So when I saw it running much cooler with no tuning it made me worry that there might be some tuning in it. If so--- not sure how I get the tune back to stock.

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You'll know as soon as you hook your trinity to it if it has a tune as your tune will be called modified. A stock tune will have something like PCM_05035348AD. If it has been tweaked (even tires sizes changed) it will have the word modified in the title.
The only time a 180 stat won't run cooler is when you are sitting in traffic. As long as you're rolling, you are getting benefits form the 180 stat even though your fans haven't been reduced. My '08 Jeep GC fans run off of the power steering piump and there is no way to adjust when they lock up but I have a 180 stat and benefit from it 90% of the time.
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