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Engine Oil Temp/Operating temp..

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The trinity should be at my place Monday. So today I popped in the Jet 180 stay so it would be ready to go.....but
I'm driving around today and noticed the car is not getting over about 195 degrees. Engine oil temp was around 190-192. I figure since I was moving it was keeping it cooler.
So I stopped In a parking lot and let the car idle for 10+ mins and the engine oil temp never went past 195...
The fans kept cycling on and off.
The car definitely had the stock 203 stat evidenced by the temps yesterday. On hot days it was normal to see 210-220 in the engine oil temp and 215-220 operating temp.
I just got the car about a month ago and I'm really hoping there isn't any tuning/fan temp changes currently in it???
I have no way to put the stock tune back if there is.
Should I be worried??

Runs great but wtf. Yesterday my engine oil temp was 210-220 depending. It's 80 and a bit muggy today in Chicago. Same yesterday.

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Agreed. I'm pretty sure people who say running a 180 tstat without tuning to adjust the fans is pointless...obviously haven't done it.

If you had your air conditioning on your fans were running anyway(it will still do that with the tune), so when you were moving of course it would have been close to 190, when you parked, it you weren't pushing the engine it should have hit maybe 210(lower of the a/c and fans were kept on), but without revving it I would expect those 190s oil temps.

BTW 212 is boiling/flash point for your oil, you want to send it at least into the 220-230s every week or so from spirited driving. Mobil 1 can go over 300 without a problem, not that I have ever done it, but 250-270 oil temps is typical for these cars on track days I think.

Keep in mind when you start tuning and setting your fan temps, you will find that the jet 180 goes to 187-188 and then backs off to 185-6 or so. The coolest you can hit with it is maybe 182-3 on the freeway. I bring this up because your car needs at least 7 degrees of room to cool off from the fan-on temperature, and if you set your fan-on temperatures too low, it will never shut off once it is triggered on. If you set it at 192, then you at least need to get down to 185(which can be tough to do unless you hit the interstate for a bit) so then you drive around with your car always sounding like a helicopter wanting to take off. This is especially annoying if you like to cruise with the windows down.
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