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Engine Upgrades Before Supercharger

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Hey everyone I just recently bought a 2015 Sxt with the v6 and was looking into a RIPP Supercharge kit. I was curious to know what other upgrades I should do to the actual engine that way I don’t destroy the integrity of the motor. Also, what other performance parts can I put on such as throttle body, intake manifold, exhaust etc. in order to help my car performance better. Thank y’all
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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) The Ripp is a true bolt on, no other mods necessary to run it as it's sold

Wulf Supercharged has a Ripp on his car, he can speak from experience

As to whether you could pick up power with other bolt ons (ported upper and lower manifolds), that is a good question. Prodigy sells rods, pistons and a block guard to close the open deck design if going over 15psi (not cheap)

Also available as a bundle

But again, just bolting on the Ripp, and a custom tune will get you 450+ WHP with no other changes.. The exhaust manifolds are cast into the heads, so no headers. I'm unaware at least of anyone making catless mid pipes, nor if that would net any power. A throttle body might be worth some power if you up the boost from stock.

I believe the V6 8 speed is rated at 331 foot pounds of torque, but may handle up to 450, but once you get more power, the differential and axles also become weaknesses.

For bang for the buck, just the Ripp, some new spark plugs and a custom 91/93 octane tune and the engine and driveline should live happily

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