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Long story short, '13 challenger r/t classic excessive squealing during application of brakes under 35mph. Harder braking makes squealing louder. I replaced the brake pads on all 4 wheels. Squeal came back a day later. Took it into dealer to have them look at it, they said they couldn't replicate the issue but it 'looked fine' and recommended I turn the rotors.

They wanted $200 to turn my front rotors only. I spent that money buying a premium slotted/dimpled rotor/pad kit from (which delivers tomorrow).

My theory is that the squealing is coming from the metal retaining clips. I think they're being pushed against the rotors during braking and I'd like to just go ahead and replace them. I've been to a few aftermarket stores but nobody seems to carry them and am just wondering if you guys have had issues with these retainer clips that hold the brake pads in place and what you did with them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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