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Exhaust help!

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I'm a new member and a new challenger owner. I recently had flowmaster super 44's put on but kept the reso's in place. I liked the sound but it was pretty quiet. I then had the reso's removed and it sounds awesome driving through town but when I hit the highway, it's like godzilla is singing in my back seat. I believe that I have met the dreaded drone monster and I don't think we're gonna be friends. I'm seriously thinking about putting the reso's back on, but what I really want is a nice middle ground. I really like the sound of the 44's but my ears can't handle the cabin drone without reso's. Anybody have any cost-conscious suggestions? Much appreciated.
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Check out the exhaust threads for your model of car - lots of input on cat back systems, taking off the stock resonators, and lots of info on what others have experienced in the way of drone with different applications/products.

Most agree Corsa has little to no drone - lots of very positive reviews. I've got a Magnaflow system on mine. The first month it had some drone in the 1500 - 1700 RPM range, but after it "broke in" - not so much. Had it on for 4 months now and lovin it!
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