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Exhaust Installation Question - Where?

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For those of you who have replaced your exhaust with an aftermarket one, where did you go for the installation? Speed shop? Dealer? Midas or local muffler shop? I am thinking about doing a Solo or Borla but not sure where to have the work done.

Not a lot of speed shops here in Western MA but maybe someone has a recommendation for here that I am not aware of or in the Hartford area. Also, is a catback something that can be installed in a day typically?

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Cat-backs are all pretty simple bolt-ons. The hardest part of doing it yourself (if you don't have access to a lift) will be removing the stock exhaust. Any reptuable muffler shop can do the job in about an hour. Cost to install varies a little, but not that much - and not very expensive. I used a local performance shop - they were quick, easy and it was done perfect.
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