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Alright i just got the Blastin Bob's 2.5inch Resonator kit. I had it proffesionally Installed. The exhaust sounds amazing at WOT and during acceleration, However... as I am driving (especially at around 45 mph) sound starts to change. At first i thought it was backfire, but it doesn't sound like a pop. It sounds more not enough air is flowing out and it just kinda gurgles... loudly. Now this is what I am hearing inside the car. I am not sure that is what everyone outside the car is hearing.

Now I have a couple ideas as to what it is:

My first thought is this is what it sounds like when the MDS kicks in and i drop down to less cylinders.


my other thought is... my mufflers are Magnaflow 2.5 inch in out and the Blastin bob's tail pipes are 2.5 out but the pipe in between is stock 2.25. Yes i know... why didn't i just go out 2.5 from muffler to tail. When i originally ordered the magnaflow mufflers to replace the suit case mufflers, I thought I had 2.5 inch ... didnt realize they threw 2.25 inch on the automatics. I didn't find that out until I called Bob at Blastin Bob's and he explained that the manuals are the only ones that have the 2.5inch exhaust. I ordered the 2.5inch with the auto config from Blastin Bob for the louder sound. Didn't think anything of the 2.25inch pipe inbetween that an the muffler causing issue.... well now i am thinking it may be... not sure though.

So what do you guys think? Is it the MDS or do i need to go back and redo the piping between the muffler and the tailpipe and go 2.5 the whole way through. Do i need to do it now or just wait until i am ready to do the tune... cause at that point I may just go 2.5 all the way through from before the Cat Converters, eliminate the cat converters, and just go straight 2.5 all the way to the tail.
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