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Hey guys,
So I did get a lot of help when i was CAI shopping and everybody helped me out. Now I know there is a definitive thread for exhausts and mufflers. But a lot of chatter going on there and it's making my head spin. I was hoping somebody could shed light on some exhuast options or muffler options for a 2013 redline. Basically looking for either option to enhance a deep rumble and at the same time keep the stock tips. The other background bit I have is I'd be looking to have it installed since I'm not opposed to DIY solutions but I just don't have the space or the bandwidth to do it owing to some packed weeks, so apart from products if somebody has dealer tips in the Chicago-land area it would be swell... :SM030:

P.s - Budget would be upto $1000, would need to really see the value add/ selling point to go upto 1500.

Thanks guys
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