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Last month I experienced rough idling and the MIF activated. I stopped by Auto Zone and they did the free basic computer diagnostic that read the code as #PO306 "#6 Cylinder Misfire". I then brought it to a local reputable shop since my local Dodge dealers were being difficult in scheduling me. The shop checked further and reported that the #6 spark plug was "fuel soaked" and the "ignition coil to be misfiring off the block". They replaced the spark plug (Champion #9407 ) and coil, and I was charged nothing because I have an aftermarket extended warranty through Mercury Roadside.

A few weeks later I noticed the rough idle again, and today the MIL was activated; diagnostic at AZ again revealed the same code as before.

Then I remembered and recovered my letter from Chrysler from 2014, when they notified Pentastar owners that Chrysler would extend the warranty period for the left cylinder head to 10 years or 150,000 miles due to potential problems (applies to 3.6 engines built in 2011-2013); the symptoms would be a misfire and activation of the MIF check engine light.

My question is: would the #6 cylinder be in the left head, and does my problem seem to be what Chrysler wrote about (code #PO306 )? I stopped by the shop and scheduled to bring my car in later this week. I gave them a copy of the Chrysler letter and asked if they thought it was related, but they advised they'd have to diagnose it further.

Sorry for the long post - just wanted to see if this is one in the same.
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